Monday, 19 December 2016

The Last One of Cornwall 2016 - Lanhydrock

Before we set off on our trip to Cornwall I asked my sweet cousin, Sylvia, if there was anywhere she would recommend we visit during our stay in her cosy little cottage. Lanhydrock was one of her suggestions and so visit Lanhydrock we did.  After visiting it I would heartily recommend it too.

I would say Lanhydrock is one of the best properties under the National Trust's umbrella that I have had the pleasure to visit.

A very impressive gateway..

...leads through to the very impressive main house beyond.

Jerry and Billy reading the house's family's war service history.

We all loved the gardens.  My eye was taken by this huge and healthy yucca plant.  I didn't know that was what it was but Maureen did and she told me.  So if it's not a yucca I'm blaming her.  I'm sure she was right though.

53 rooms are open to the public.  This is the nursery which along with the kitchens are the rooms I enjoyed the most.

A cute little toy on one of the shelves.  Adorable.

Looking out of one of the windows the church was a lovely sight.

Virginia Creeper, just turning colour.  I love this stuff.

After all the tromping round the house and gardens it was time to put the nosebags on. Lunch was had in the converted stables.  See Jerry, smiling sweetly, up there?

Autumn was beginning to show her colours.

On the  way out now.

And back through that imposing entrance way.  We had spent a good long afternoon looking round this grand property and were so glad that Sylvia had recommended it for us. Definitely a special place, full of history and tales of a bygone age.

So, that ends my posts from Cornwall.  To say we had had a good time is an understatement. We had packed a lot into a short time and made some happy memories but there was more to come.  After a weekend at home we had another trip planned and waiting to unfold for us. This time a trip north to Silverdale in Cumbria. 

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely day we had in Lanhydrock! Probably the most impressive property we have seen yet. We loved the house but the gardens were grand as well. This house was left intact as if the family had just walked out for the day.
Everything was in such perfect order that you didn't have to imagine how it must have looked back then. It was there for all to see!
Kathleen, once again you used your camera and your talent to show all this. I am more than glad that Jerry and I were privileged to join you and Billy on one more trip of a lifetime. So thank you!

Anita Johnson said...

I feel like I traveled today. Bruce is sick so we will have an early bedtime this New Years eve...wishing you well in the coming year.❤