Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Llamas in Ealees

Sunday morning a breath of fresh air was the order of the day. 


Nicholas had stayed overnight with us and this was him just out of the shower getting ready to face the world.  A little look into the future I thought.


A stroll through Ealees was what we had in mind.  Caroline and Charlie joined us there.


We had a surprise along the way.  There are now llamas in Ealees!


Needless to say we stopped to take a butcher’s hook.  That’s Nicholas above.  See his wellies?  They’re  mine!  I knew there’d be lots of puddles about and I also knew Nicholas wouldn’t be able to keep out of them.  He hadn’t got his own wellies with him so he asked could he wear mine.  With his own socks and two pairs of mine on as well he managed very well thank you. 


And here’s Charlie.  That stick isn’t any old stick.  It’s a balancing pole while he walks a tightrope over a canyon!


And finally one last, totally unrelated as it happens, picture.  George slept over Saturday night before last and it was a bit cold first thing in the morning so he got himself the “sick quilt” to snuggle under.  We love that old Dutch Doll quilt.  It has a bit of a story to go with it and that story can be read here.

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Anita Johnson said...

This looks like such an enjoyable day. And yes, the first picture is a glimpse at the life of a teenager!