Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Don’t Want to Whinge and Whine…

…because I know some folks are a lot worse off weather wise than we are.  Take Somerset in the southwest for instance.  Those poor souls are still suffering flood conditions after I don’t know how many weeks of it.  But the fact is, I’m ready for blue skies and bright sunshine.


Ready for dry paths when we walk down the canal towpath.  Like Caroline and I did recently at Uppermill.


Ready for fewer grey clouds.  It’s still good to be out and about but everywhere is so gloomy.


I thought this was pretty though, regardless of the colour of the sky.  The water was so still it was like a looking glass.  I was going to say mirror but looking glass sounds so much more refined don’t you think?


And a coffee shop always brightens the day.  This is a new cafe Caroline had been told about by a friend.  It’s just off the towpath, rather pleasant and definitely our kind of place.  Dogs are welcome inside too so Caroline’s dog, Harley, got to come in out of the cold and join us.


A different coffee shop now.  This one is in Hebden Bridge.  My sweet niece Lindsey came up for a visit last week and I took her to Hebden Bridge.  We had a lovely couple of hours together chatting non stop about this and that.  One of the subjects under discussion was sewing.  It seems we both have a fondness for patchwork and that being the case I was delighted to show her a new fabric shop which has only been open a month or so.


The Quilt Cabin has rocked my world!  I’m thrilled to bits at having somewhere so close and full of all the wonderful, colourful, top quality fabrics I see in the World Wide Web’s quilter blogs corner. 

So, there we have it.  This post might have started off with grey clouds but it’s ended with all the colours of the rainbow!



straythreads said...

what a fun little trip this post is and to end with the bright colors of the quilts shop! the coffee looks delish!

Anita Johnson said...

I enjoyed taking a stroll with you...you have more color than we do right now. I realized the other day how much I miss the color green! (o;