Monday, 6 January 2014

Just One More Ho Ho Ho.

It seems like very old news now but I just want to post this final Christmas instalment. 

On Christmas morning William and I visit both our daughter’s homes with gifts for them and the boys.  We are so lucky that both girls live within striking distance and that we able to visit them each in their homes and see our little grandsons all excited with their piles of gifts from Father Christmas.


Charlie loves all things involving knights, Disney and castles so Christmas morning he wasn’t disappointed.


Neither were George and Nicholas who both received hudl tablets and were thrilled with them.  They were three very lucky and very happy little boys.


Christmas dinner is always held at our house.  This year Trev did the honours in the kitchen, very ably I might add, and I relaxed and watched the boys open their stocking.


I hang a stocking up each year at our house for each of the boys and fill them with a variety of little things.  I took a picture for posterity this year.  In years to come I’m hoping that this blog will still be floating around in the clouds somewhere and the boys will read it when they’re all grown up and say “Oh yeah, I ‘d forgotten about those stockings but I remember now!”…. or something like that.


This pic’s a bit blurry I know but I like how Nicholas is showing Charlie that he has a Christmas top on too.  Christmas Day is a long time in the making and once it arrives it’s all go and whizzes by in a flash!  It’s a shame isn’t it?  I wish Christmas morning could last and last.  Wouldn’t that be great for the kids?


Our Christmas present to Charlie was this Hot Wires Electronics Kit.  While his parents were both working one day he stayed with us and brought the Hot Wires for him and grandad to play with.  Above you see them both having fun and getting stuck into the first project.


Second project, still going strong…


.. but Charlie seems to be getting a bit fed up of just watching.


Hang on though, that’s better.


A joint effort - much more fun!


So, that’s it for another year but before I sign off just one more thing.  Victoria saw this idea on FaceBook and told me about it. 


I think it’s a really nice idea and I have a jar started.  Hopefully it’ll be quite full by the end of the year.


Happy New Year! 




straythreads said...

Looks like you had a wonderful and blessed holiday. The jar is a great idea and a source for blog posts!!

Anita Johnson said...

its never to late to share the joy! its fun to get a glimpse into your and joy abounds in your house too!