Monday, 30 December 2013

It’s Not That I Don’t Like Christmas..

..I do, but, I’m always glad when it’s over.  I can’t be only the one who feels that way, can I?  Anyway, this post is about the days before Christmas.


In the run up Caroline and I had a day shopping at The Trafford Centre and I tasted my first piece of Christmas cake of the season in John Lewis restaurant.


Nicholas had a sleepover and naturally pancakes were on the menu for breakfast.


He was showing me here how real chefs walk about while they’re making things on the telly.


A big moment!  I believe this was the first time I let him have control of the pan over the flame!  Needless to say I was hovering very close.


George came round later in the day.  They’re playing on the iPad in this shot. 


Looks like some serious stuff going on here.  I love their freckles and the dimples in their chins.


On the 14th the tree was decorated.  Grandad always gets the tree down from the loft, erects it and puts the lights on it, then makes himself scarce.  Then the boys come round to help do the decorating.  The boxes of ornaments etc. get unwrapped at breakneck speed and before I can blink the house looks like a bombsite!  It’s always fun though!  When they’ve all gone home I usually spend the next couple of days tweaking things and it all ends up looking the way it should in the end.


On the last day of school Charlie took part in a Fancy Dress Parade.  Caroline, a fulltime working mum, got creative and came up with this great little snowman outfit.  Charlie was more than pleased with the way he looked in it.  I took him to school that day and he went in with a spring in his step.  Bless his little cotton socks!ChasMincePies2013b.jpgb

The weekend before Christmas my older daughter, Victoria, and her family were away in Cornwall and the Scilly Isles.  Thereby lies a whole other story and I won’t go into it here but I will say it’s been an emotional few weeks where hopes were raised and dashed, tears flowed and dried and once again life now goes on pretty much as before.   So, while they were away Caroline brought Charlie round to bake mince pies with me.   Things started off with a great big oops! moment then progressed without further mishap.  I love baking with these little boys mainly because they love it so much.


A snap from an early evening walk round the neighbourhood.  Poor little old Muffin doesn’t always want to go for a walk these days but he does need some exercise and a walk around the neighbourhood is just enough.

More Christmas posts to come but they’re for another day… 


..I’ve got some socks on the needles and I’m itching to get to them.

Until next time,



straythreads said...

you make me miss my little boys, they got big but they were fun to bake with. Love the socks is that self striping yarn or do you mix yarns?
Happy New Year

Anita Johnson said...

Happy New Year to you! Fun to read this! I decorated our house by myself, but when our grandson came, things got tweaked in funny ways...odd collections of things put out of reach from little hands...ornaments moved up higher on the tree, lego blocks now part of the mantle decorations. All good! I look forward to visiting here in the new year! God Bless!