Monday, 11 November 2013

The Weekend

Had the weather been a little less wet on Saturday night I would have been at The Illuminations, Blackpool Illuminations that is, with Caroline, Trev and Charlie but the weather was very wet and none of us found the idea of getting wet through very appealing so Plan B was executed.


Plan B involved hitting a few balls at the golf range near the Trafford Centre for Trev and Charlie.  Charlie was very excited about this.


He can hit those balls too.  He even has his own little set of proper golf clubs.  Trev is a good golfer and I’m sure he’d like nothing better than for Charlie to be a good one too.  Caroline quite likes to have a go at golf too and practised her swing a couple of times.  Me, I just watched.  It was for the best.

Balls all used and clubs stowed back in the boot we all headed over to the Trafford Centre for something to eat and a look around the shops at all the Christmas stuff now filling the shelves.  The centre was soo busy – it would seem that folks are doing their Christmas shopping early this year.


Onto Sunday morning.  A much better day weather wise.  Cold?  Yes,very.  But blue skies made it so much more bearable.  Hebden Bridge Square for breakfast with Victoria and her men.   William stayed at home nursing a frozen shoulder and Caroline and her men were attending the Remembrance Day Service in our hometown then going swimming.


Something funny going on with hats here!  The caps are from Florida.  Caroline brought the boys one each back from their recent holiday at Disney World and they love them.  Nicholas wore his with the peak to the side all the time.  Have to say it suited him that way to a t!  Gary is wearing his own hat and George’s cap.  Mmmm, I know.


I have no words for this one.


The boys whizzed around on their scooters and didn’t feel the cold one little bit.


Max was very cold.  He wanted somebody to either pick him up or take him home.


After the boys had one last blast going as fast as they could on the scooters home was on the horizon.


Talking about horizons, with our backs to the skate park this was the view we had.   Blue skies and autumn colours.  Very pretty.


Later on in the afternoon William and I drove round to Victoria’s house and together with her and the boys we walked up the road to attend the Remembrance Day Service being held at the War Memorial in that neighbourhood.

All in all it was a good weekend packed full of simple pleasures.BlogSignature


Anita Johnson said...

All of this looks like fun, but your little dog reminds me of Bugsy. I never thought I would have a dog that needs to be carried either...maybe we need designer bags like Paris Hilton! Heaven help us!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh, poor little Max. I bet he was freezing. Such a gorgeous area you live in. Blue skies and fresh crisp air sound so nice, though I wouldn't want to be cold all the time. Kids have fun no matter what. Hope you are having a good week. Tammy