Thursday, 14 November 2013

Cows Are Big Aren’t They?

It being Wednesday yesterday meant that George and Nicholas stayed with me for an hour or so after school while their mother went to college.  We played cards as usual which is fun for us all especially now that I’ve introduced money into the mix for the game of Chase The Lady.  Things are a lot more exciting when the stakes are high!  Actually it’s not even real money. We were using American quarters last night.  We play for matchsticks sometimes – it’s amazing the difference a prize of any kind makes to the game.

Anyway, I learned from George that he would be going to Ealees this morning with his school class on a little field trip.  I’m not sure exactly what they were studying but the thought of being out of school was thrilling him.  I told him that I might just find myself in Ealees too.  He was pleased about it but told me not to embarrass him by kissing and hugging him!  I made no promises.

As luck would have it it was a lovely day today. Rain had bucketed down overnight but this morning it was blue skies.


Hence all the puddles.  They just added to the beauty of the day though.  The reflections of trees and sky in them were so pretty.


Walking on along the public footpath I rounded a bend and was faced with a different kind of public on the footpath.


I’ve often seen the evidence the cows leave behind them on this part of the footpath but I’ve never actually come across the cows themselves.  They’re usually way off in the fields behind the fences.  I took a couple of pictures and carried on, keeping an eye out for George and his classmates. 


Finally as I came up to the visitors centre I spotted them all.  That’s George in the blue coat on the right-hand side.  He saw me and grinned from ear to ear.  I knew he was expecting me to turn up and I’m glad that I did.  His two friends noticed me too and seemed to think it very funny that I was there.


I stood and watched as they set off down into the woods.  George turned and waved with a broad smile on his face.   So, of course while I was there I toddled inside the visitor centre cafe for a warming cup of coffee.   They do quite a decent latte in there, I always enjoy it and the staff are always so pleasant.  A quick walk up to the lake then I retraced my steps back down through Ealees.


I knew I’d come across George again and sure enough I did.  I walked right passed him, asked him if he was having a good time and restrained myself from hugging and kissing him!  He doesn’t know how hard it was for me to restrain myself!  I’ll bet he heaved a sigh of relief when I walked past without grabbing  him!


Then there were the cows again.  This time right up against the gate I had to open and pass through.  Cows are big aren’t they?  Much bigger than I am.  So I waited patiently for this lady to move over and let me through.


Once through her mate gave me the evil eye or maybe it was a friendly inquisitive look?  I wasn’t really sure.  I quickly snapped a picture and left her in peace.


I turned around for one last look at the school group and thought how fortunate they are to live in an area where the countryside is on their doorstep for little field trips like this.


More puddles along the way.  We really did have plenty of rain last night.


Almost back at the car now and one final click of the shutter.  I’d love to see inside this quaint little old cottage with its stone outbuildings and neatly clipped hedge.  Hardly likely though.

I completely enjoyed myself this morning.   Cows and all.   Who could ask for anything more? BlogSignature


straythreads said...

what a wonderful little outing. US quarters are real money

Anita Johnson said...

What a charming place, and yes, cows are huge!