Saturday, 23 November 2013

Little Things…

… mean a lot. 


Little things like my sweet daughter Victoria popping round with a scented candle she’d bought for me because she knows I like the fragrance.  Spiced Apple and Cinnamon by the way.  A Christmas fragrance and I love it.


Another day it was these hand towels in Christmas colours.  Beautiful and soft and festive.


And a couple of days ago when she was doing her grocery shopping Victoria saw the poinsettias and popped one in her shopping trolley for me.  She knows I like them.


Or when my lovely younger daughter, Caroline, came back just recently from her holiday in Orlando, Florida with an armful of goodies.  Little things, like the Milk Duds and Graham Crackers which she knows I love.  The OPI nail varnish (the only thing I had actually asked her to bring back) and an Oprah magazine she knew I’d like to read.  Hershey chocolate, her dad’s favourite.


And this.  A scissor cut paper silhouette of Charlie.  The artist cut out two, one for Caroline and the other she gave to me.  Caroline said the artist cut this likeness of Charlie out in perhaps a minute, minute and a half tops!  Can you imagine being able to do that?  No, me neither.  What a talent!  And it is a perfect likeness too!  I absolutely love it and now need to find a frame to do it justice.


Amongst the goodies was this Bath & Body fragrance mist.  Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.  Perhaps the cinnamon is what appeals to me but I look forward to spraying myself with this fine mist every time I step out of the shower or whenever it just happens to catch my eye throughout the day.   I can’t get enough of it!

I thank my lucky stars for my girls and I love them to bits.  I think they both know me very well too judging by these thoughtful gifts.  Every one of them brought a smile to my face.  It’s true.  Little things really do mean a lot.


Talking of little things.  Happy little elves hard at work.  Which can only mean one thing.  Christmas is just around the corner!  Better get a move on with that shopping.


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