Thursday, 5 September 2013

Hobbies, Crafts and Cards

As of Wednesday this week all three of my little treasures are back in school and more than anything else that seems to signal the end of summer.  As I type it’s only 8.10 p.m. and already it’s getting dark out.  Even so it’s been a lovely day today and all the more precious because I know these dry and mild days are numbered.  There again, who knows, perhaps we’ll get an Indian Summer – now wouldn’t that be nice!

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Last Thursday all three boys were here for a couple of hours together.  George had brought a little tub of glitter with him and that prompted him to get the craft stuff out.  I found some more tubs of glitter in the cupboard and for an hour or so their world was full of paper, glue and glitter.  So was the floor by the time they’d finished!

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George slept over on Friday night.  Looking on Google for a new card game for two people to play he found a game called James Bond.  We both quickly got the hang of it and were hooked.  We played it a lot!


When granddad came home from work on Saturday we made haste for Hebden Bridge where we had a tapas lunch.  By complete coincidence George and I were both dressed in orange and navy blue.  I thought that was good enough reason for a photo so William obliged.  Look how tall that boy is.  He’s growing like a weed!

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Saturday night it was Nicholas’s turn to sleepover which involved more card playing.  A lot of card playing.  This time it was Go Fish, which granddad played with us and Strip Jack Naked.  Nicholas was in his element.  Look at that happy little face!

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The crochet blanket I had been working on over the last few months is now finished and has found its way to Caroline’s house where it’s looking good draped over her cream leather couch.  Actually in this photo it’s not quite finished and had yet to have the edging completed.  Actually I think I’ll come back and replace this photo with one of the finished product.  Anyway, moving on…


I have now started another blanket.  This one is for Victoria.  I am thoroughly enjoying this crochet hobby.  This “granny squares” pattern doesn’t need a lot of brain power and although it’s repetitive it’s not boring.  Using happy colours like these how could it ever be boring?  Therapeutic more like.

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I’ve also been busy with the sewing machine lately.


I’ve made this Union Jack cushion and very pleased with it I am too!

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And just because I like it, I want to include this photo of Caroline’s dog, Harley.  He spent a couple of afternoons with us last week instead of being in the house on his own while Caroline and Trev were working and Charlie was here with me.  He’s a sweet dog.BlogSignature

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Caroline said...

Looks like they all had fun. My blanket looks lovely on my grey leather chair. xx