Tuesday, 15 May 2012

May Bank Holiday Weekend in Devon

Just over a week ago on Friday the 4th, Caroline, Trev, Charlie and I travelled down the motorway once again to spend the long Bank Holiday weekend in Devon.  Poor William had to stay at home, he couldn't get the time off work.

Friday 4th May also happened to be Caroline's birthday. I had gone prepared with a birthday cake for her and candles too.  Mid afternoon once we were all settled in the caravan the candles were lit and the three of us sang Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.  Caroline and a very enthusiastic Charlie blew the candles out.  It was a sweet start to the trip.


Our first outing of the weekend was to Beer for fish and chips.  However, disappointment was ahead of us - well, me anyway.  We were too early, the chippy wasn't yet open!  We made do with pasties from Woozies Deli - not a bad substitute really.  They sell the best pasties I've ever tasted.


An afternoon in West Bay.  How would you fancy walking up that hill?  It is seriously steep!  We didn't bother this time, or have any other time for that matter.  Probably we don't intend to bother at anytime in the future either.  There again, never say never!


Me and my baby.  Where does the time go? 


It doesn't seem that long ago since she and her sister were as little as Charlie is now.  Time and tide and all that jazz I suppose.


Throwing stones in the sea.  It's mandatory.


Crabbing.  Not something that we have done a lot of.  Charlie was more interested in a couple of little boys who were crabbing just a few feet away from us than his own line and bait.  Their bucket was full of crabs.  His wasn't.


Harley, Caroline's dog.  He's a really sweet natured dog, big and energetic, but very sweet! 


Caroline is a lot like me and loves taking photos.


We both took tons of pics of Charlie.  We had a mad half hour or more being giddy, running around and enjoying the fresh, i.e. windy and chilly, sea air and views up on Beer Head..


This is Dawlish (above).  That's Caroline and Trev up there.  On their left side is the South West Coastal Railway.  It runs literally just the other side of that railing.  It's got to be one of the most scenic railway routes in Britain.  On their right is approximately a 10ft drop down to the sand and no railing.  A bit scary to walk along with little people.

Dawlish is somewhere we hadn't been before.   It was an okay kind of place but I don't think we are in any rush to go there again.


This is Sidmouth beach.


Now, we love Sidmouth. 


This day had started off wet and dull.  I had almost convinced myself to stay home on the ranch, read and relax.  However, I'm so glad I didn't.


The rain soon faded away and the sun put his hat on and came out to play.


The tide was out and we all had a really fun time on the beach.  Charlie was having the time of his life. 


There were rock pools to clamber over and puddles to navigate around.  With the sun on our faces and the wind whipping around our legs, it was heavenly.  Actually, I think heaven must be a lot like this!


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