Monday, 30 April 2012

It has been a miserable weekend...

...weatherwise.  We've had torrential rains and high winds for the last week.  It has felt like the middle of winter.  Saturday night the winds were strong enough to rip several ridge tiles off my daughter's roof


and uproot trees in the neighbourhood. 


The fallen trees above are in Ealees where I was out taking a walk today with my lovely friends and neighbours, John and Lesley.  After all the rain we've had it felt so good to be out in the surprisingly warm fresh air.  We ambled along to the visitor centre where we sat outside and had not one but two coffees, soaking up the sun and having a good old chin wag.

Today's little outing was definitely a Simple Pleasure.  Thanks John and Lesley for inviting me along on your afternoon ramble.




Debbie said...

Goodness look at the trees! I really dislike spring storms because I'm scared of them. I'm glad your daughter didn't have more damage.

And I love that picture by the rustic fence. I love fences. They are on my list of "simple pleasure" things.

Anita Johnson said...

Our weather has been high winds and stormy, but then the sun came out, the birds wee singing and the air felt like spring...I loved it! This looks like another wonderful outing!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

We've had nothing but dust for over a week now. Makes one feel very blah. Hope you've continued to have nice weather and are having a wonderful weekend. Tammy