Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Devon 2012

A little update first.  We still have my daughter and her family staying with us.  Its actually been six weeks since they moved in with us and life has settled into a routine of sorts.  The light is now peeping through at the end of the tunnel though for Victoria and her husband.  After working hard on the house almost every day and the house having been ripped apart it is now finally being put back together and being transformed into their new home.  Perhaps another couple of weeks and moving in day will roll around!

This post has been over a week in the making. We actually got back from our trip to Devon a week last Sunday. We had a wonderful week, the weather was as expected for the time of year - some days bright and breezy, some days cold, damp and breezy.  But nothing that spoilt our enjoyment or kept us indoors.  There were no changes and no surprises waiting for us.  And that's just the way we like our favourite corner of England -  the same as its always been, year after year.


This view, down the main street in Beer, is the same now as it was almost 25 years ago when we first discovered Beer.  The first night of our holiday, as per usual, we headed straight for Beer's fish & chip shop.  Takeaway fish and chips, eaten in al fresco overlooking the beach, or better still eaten sitting on the beach looking at the sea is a treat to be relished.  In my opinion Beer chippy sells the best fish to be had anywhere.


Love this teaset atop the A-board.



Boats on Beer beach.  Pretty but practical.  Beer is a working fishing village as well as a tourist attraction.


Do you like the t.shirt?  It was a Christmas present this year from Victoria.


Another thing that doesn't change - flowers.  It seems there is always a fantastic display of blooms to gladden the heart wherever you are in Devon.  It being spring there were tulips around every corner and I love tulips.


And views like this round every country lane corner.  What more can one ask?

With luck I'll be back soon with another post on our Easter trip.


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Anita Johnson said...

What a beautiful place! I never posted photos from our wonderful trip in March...I guess we are all a bit busy!