Sunday, 6 February 2011

A Sunday Afternoon Drive.

William and I decided to go for a drive this afternoon.  A walk would have been nice but the bad weather put us off that idea.

We set off up Blackstone Edge over the tops and dropped down into Ripponden passing Batings Dam and Reservoir and a few more besides in the general direction of Sowerby Bridge and Halifax.  Then through Copley, toward Greetland and coming back to Ripponden.  We passed through some very beautiful scenery.  The wind was blowing a gale and it rained quite hard at times so we didn't exactly get out and admire said scenery.


Thus we ended up in The Fleece.  A quaint country pub in a great spot with panoramic views over the Ryburn Valley.


Where William studied the menu but wasn't tempted by anything.  We both had a good hot cup of coffee though. 


These are the views from the pub.  Yes, I stood in the middle of the road to take this picture.  The views from the back of the pub are wider and better.  But like I said it was blowing a gale.  I didn't hang about.


Just a little way down the road from The Fleece is the Old Bridge Inn.  Another quaint pub.


A 700 year old quaint pub no less!


This bridge has to be crossed to get to the Old Bridge Inn and on the other side of it..


..are these little cottages (now a B & B).  I can't work out why there are three front doors.  To me it looks like there should only be two.

On the other side of that bridge also was William waiting for me.  So I dashed back to the car and we were home in about 15 or 20 minutes. 

Not a bad way to spend a wet February afternoon.

Tarah for now.




Wow! Gorgeous scenery; lucky you!


jennyfreckles said...

Hi Kathleen - thanks for visiting my blog. There are a few of us Brits! I find another one every now and again. We're all struggling to find photos with this dreary weather. At least you can get out during the day - I'm stuck in an office!

Debbie said...

If I EVER conquer that phobia of flying that I have, I want your neck of the woods to be one of my first journeys.

It's just beautiful to me. I love the shot from the pub that looks down the winding street.

Imagine... a 700 year old pub. What history!!

John said...

Glad to see you are getting Bill out and about for coffees - maybe we will have to drag him out for a Saturday afternoon drive soon! LS xx