Sunday, 13 February 2011

A Crafty Weekend

Well, it's been a bit busy round here since yesterday lunchtime.


This happy couple, my daughter and her husband, treated themselves to a night away in a very nice hotel in Leeds and treated me to looking after their little boys for the night.  They rarely get away on their own, hence Victoria's big smile.  She was really looking forward to it!  The boys were really looking forward to staying here with us so it worked out well.


Luckily for me help was at hand in the name of Caroline.  She came up trumps with the idea of having the boys all make Valentine's cards.  She went to The Range and bought all the bits and pieces, prepared the session and the boys had a whale of a time.


They all love to do this kind of thing, especially Charlie.  For a good while after George and Nicholas had finished their cards and moved onto something else he continued to play with bits of paper and glue. 

After all the craftiness we managed to get to the park with Nicholas and Charlie to let them burn off some energy.  George didn't want to come because it was raining.  Which indeed it was but he missed out because fortunately the rain stopped and blue skies showed through.  We all enjoyed the fresh air I think.

Backing up to Thursday now when my lovely cousin, Sylvia, came over for a visit. 


As always we had a great time together.  We had thought about going over to Rawtenstall to take a look at Mr. Fitzpatrick's last surviving Temperance Bar in Britain.  Deciding to save that for another day when we have more time we instead spent a leisurely afternoon in the local towns of Hebden Bridge where we had lunch and Todmorden where we browsed through a full to the brim antiques shop. 


Finishing the afternoon off with a coffee and scone in the very nice Bear Cafe above this Co-op shop.  Sylvia and I were amused to find a group of ladies in here all doing their knitting.  We chatted to a couple of them and discovered they meet every Thursday afternoon.  We were even invited to join them next week. Such friendly ladies but with Sylvia living quite a distance away in Whaley Bridge I think it unlikely we'll be taking them up on their offer.

So I'm back up to date now.




Victoria said...

Boys looked very happy, thank you Mother and sister! xxx

Victoria said...

Me again, I like the new light background and photo banner. xxx