Sunday, 24 October 2010


I got back yesterday from a few days holiday down in Cornwall.  My lovely cousin, Sylvia, invited me to go down to her cottage near Padstow with her for a couple of days.  Now, that was an invite I just could not refuse!


We arrived at the cottage late on Wednesday night.  The first thing needing to be done was light the fire.  We don’t have a fire in our house so I’d been really looking forward to that part.  There’s nothing nicer than a real fire on a cold night is there?  Then it was something to eat, sit back with a drink and enjoy!


These are pictures from Thursday afternoon which we spent in Port Isaac, the very quaint, little seaside village where “Doc Martin” is filmed.  We spent a lovely couple of hours here, including a walk along the coastal path with spectacular views over the village and coastline. 

The two dogs, Molly and Mackeson, are Sylvia’s.  You wouldn’t believe how much attention that little Cairn Terrier gets when he’s out. It seems like everybody in the world wants to say hello to him.  Poor Molly, as beautiful as she is, it was as though she was invisible.  She just doesn’t get a look in!

Padstow in the evening when Syl and I had fish & chips sitting by the harbour.  Padstow in the evening when Syl and I had fish & chips sitting by the harbour.

Thursday night we went into Padstow for fish & chips from Chip Ahoy.  There are a couple of tables outside the chippy and now the weather is colder the management has provided blankets for its customers to keep them warm while they eat their chips.  I  thought that was a nice little touch.

We carried our chips round to the harbour-side, found a bench and ate them there.  We were serenaded by a busker, a happy little chappy, singing sea shanties and folk songs.  The night air was very mild, the fish & chips were good and hot, what more could one ask?


Friday morning after an unplanned visit to the vet for Mac,(poor little dog had hurt his back and couldn’t stand or sit, all he wanted to do was lie down), Sylvia drove us around and showed me the countryside and little villages around and about the cottage.  I have to say it is all really beautiful and I can see why Syl and her family have been drawn back to the same area year after year just like my family and I go back to Devon to the same place year after year.

In the pictures above you can see where we stopped in Padstow for a scone and coffee at a lovely coffee shop overlooking the harbour and bay with views over to Rock.  The pretty cottages and church were in a little place called St. Minver.  If it wasn’t St.Minver it was Trebetherick – I can’t decide which it was at the moment!  Then again there’s a good chance it could’ve been somewhere else too!  ‘S'truth, I think I’m losing it!

I had a lovely time with “our Sylvia”.  I saw places I’d never seen before, got plenty of fresh air, walked a fair bit, talked a lot, ate plenty, watched an old black & white film - “How Green Was My Valley”, mooched in and out of a few shops (always a pleasure!) and did something I’ve never done before.  I flew home, courtesy of, from Newquay because it was cheaper and more convenient than the train! 

It was a great little holiday.  Thank you, Sylvia!



Jane said...

Oh, this looks like such a great place. I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself,


Ms.Daisy said...

I am such a fan of fish and chips eversince I visited London back in '85! I also am a fan of fires on a cold night and those scones look wonderful! Great Simple Pleasure!