Saturday, 9 October 2010

On Friday morning there I was…

… being very good and doing some long overdue hemming up of trousers for William. 

Was, that is, until the phone rang and it was Caroline to ask me if I’d like to go into Manchester with her, Tee and Charlie.  Just to pass a couple of hours on a beautiful, sunny autumn day sitting at a pavement cafe in St. Ann’s Square. A place where there’s always something going on and is pedestrianised which means Charlie can play safely.  Also to give him the fun of riding on the train into the city centre and back.

Outside Starbucks, St. Ann's Sq., M/cr on a beautiful, mild autumn day. 08/10/2010 

Well, of course, I said yes.  When it comes to Starbucks versus sewing – Starbucks’ll win every time in my book!

There was a  Fine Food Market on in the Square yesterday.  It’ll be there until Sunday. 

We spent a pleasant hour or so drinking our coffees and people watching.  A leisurely mooch around the shops and then back to Victoria Station and home.

They look good, Nanny! Victoria Stn., M/cr. 08/10/2010

Charlie spotted the Sweets Stall and I spotted something I can’t ever remember seeing before.  Nuns in a public place with collecting tins.  Little Sisters of the Poor they were.  You can see two of them in this picture.  They were very sweet too when Charlie put some money in one of their tins.

Twas a lovely afternoon.  Thank you Carolina and Tee!



John said...

What at good day and what a coincidence - we did actually the same on Thursday with some friends from Kent - coffee followed by the obligatory mulled wine! LS xx

Jane said...

What great photos! Glad that you enjoyed your day!