Monday, 4 October 2010

It was 1969…

the last time I saw this man.Kathleen and Danny outside St. Peter's Church, Middleton. 02/10/2010.

Because that was the last time he set foot in England - until last Thursday that is.  Danny emigrated to Adelaide, Australia along with his mother, father, five brothers and one sister.  It was at the time when Australia was crying out for people to populate its shores and were offering the right candidates a passage for £10 a person.  There were around one and a half million Britons who took up that offer and became known as the Ten Pound Poms.

Danny is my nephew,  (even though I’m only four years older than him)  and he and his mother, his son and niece have all come to England for a holiday.  In the picture above Danny and I are standing outside the church we attended as kids and was taken on Saturday morning when we set off on a walk around the neighbourhood of our childhood.

An awful lot has changed since 1968.  There’s a lot of catching up to be done wouldn’t you say!



Jane said...

It's nice that you have been able to reconnect. Have fun!


Dayle said...

Wow! How wonderful to have this opportunity. You definitely have some catching up to do!

Debbie said...

What a wonderful story! I imagine that you will talk and talk and talk to catch up on 40+ years.