Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Well, it’s been a while…

…but we’re back from two weeks in Devon.  We got back Saturday night, it was a long drive home stopping and starting in traffic jams on the motorway but we made it home safe and sound and for that I’m very grateful.  We had a good holiday just relaxing and doing just what took our fancy, just when it took our fancy. 

There was a fair bit of this going on.

Beer 24/07/2010

Sidmouth 25/07/2010Beer 25/07/2010Beer

Beer 25/07/2010

Beer 25/07/2010 And a fair bit of this too.  We drank an awful lot of coffee and tea sitting on various beaches and I consumed my fair share of cream teas and enjoyed every one of them!

This year Billy tried his hand at sea-fishing.  He has done plenty of freshwater fishing in the past but never sea-fishing.

William sea fishing for the first time off Seaton beach. 27/07/2010


William sea fishing for the first time off Seaton beach. 27/07/2010

The men sea fishing off Seaton beach.

 The men sea fishing off Seaton beach. 

Trev had a go too.  All went well until their lines got tangled!

Charlie on Seaton beach. 29/07/2010 It was fun though, even Charlie had a little rod to play with.

I’ve got loads more photos to post but I’ll do a few at a time or else I’ll be here all night!



Anonymous said...

Is Father still alive?? I have to ask! Also he frowns even though he's asleep, does he know this? xxx Love his oldest daughter. xxx

John said...

Welcome back. It's good to see what you got up to on holiday, not that I am nosey or anything like that!! Bill certainly looks like he had a good time. LS xxx

Caroline said...

Dad seriously spent the vast majority of the holiday asleep! Now you have photographic evidence of it. x