Monday, 30 August 2010

Comings and Goings.

This weekend Caroline and Tee went to a  friend’s wedding in Portmeirion and had a lovely time.  Charlie came to stay with us for two nights.



Poor Charlie, he wasn’t very well, he had a bad cold and not a lot of energy.


He still managed to drive Muffin to distraction though.  That little dog is so sweet natured and doesn’t so much as growl no matter how much Charlie chases and teases him.


The Goodalls packed their trunk and trundled off to the jungle.  Actually by all accounts it was worse than a jungle.  They went camping in their new tent for the first time.  The boys were very excited as you can imagine.  Unfortunately the Haven Holidays Blue Dolphin site over near Filey on the east coast that they had booked was a nightmare full of noisy, inconsiderate people and did not live up to expectations.  Needless to say they will never go on a Haven Holiday again no  matter how good the adverts look on television.  They had booked three nights but only stayed for two.  Even George at seven years old said the place was rubbish!


Today being a Bank Holiday, William and Gary were both off work.  So while my girls, their boys and I went to Towneley Park for a couple of hours the men went to Go Outdoors (a camping store) in Stockport.  It worked out very well, we all enjoyed what we did and what’s more the sun shone.  And that doesn’t happen very often on a Bank Holiday does it?!


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eileeninmd said...

Wonderful mosaic and photos, I'm just sorry the camping did not work out well. Maybe another time. I am glad you had sunny weather on your holiday!