Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The final holiday pictures and Axmouth.

We don’t usually spend much time in Seaton but this holiday we discovered the charms of the other side of the Axmouth estuary which is down at the bottom end of Seaton beach.

Axmouth 27/07/2010

This is view from Axmouth Yacht Club over to the other side and the Tea Caddy.

Axmouth 27/07/2010

What with William’s new found passion for sea-fishing this little snack bar looks set to become a favourite haunt – it also has a fishing tackle shop.  William had just been in it and bought that tripod you see him playing with.


We were having a drink at The Tea Caddy with Caroline, Trev and Charlie one day when Trev spotted this giant jellyfish.  It was up close to the estuary wall where the fishing boats were moored and families were crabbing.  I’m telling you, it was huge!  None of us had ever seen anything like it before.  I mentioned it to the lady in The Tea Caddy and she said they get them occasionally and also seals have been known to venture up the estuary.  We’ll be on the lookout for them next time we visit.


I took so many photos on this holiday I’m beginning to go cross-eyed trying to get through them.  I think I’m just about done with blogging them.   I want to move on to digiscrapping some of them now so my next lot will be on My Digiscrapping World blog.  I wanted to post this collage here of mainly family pictures because each one sparks a memory.

The photo on the bottom row of Trev and Charlie is one Caroline took and I think it’s really sweet.  I actually pinched it from her blog – www.williamsctc.blogspot.com - but I know she won’t mind.

And finally, I just want to post two more photos.


This cute photo of Charlie taken on the campsite …

Axmouth 27/07/2010  … and this one of William taken on the beach.  Just because I like them!

I’m done.



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