Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The One Where George Climbs a Wall

It seems a good while ago now but back in June George came up to Bay View with his Grandad and me for the weekend. 


When at Bay View one of the things we all like to do is walk down to Archer’s Cafe for breakfast (I know I must’ve said this a time or two in previous posts but it’s so true - we love going down to Archer’s for breakfast.  There I’ve said it again!) and to do this was definitely on George’s wishlist.  Archer’s Cafe is up there in the distance at the tip of that wooded headland, not too far.


The walk takes about 30 minutes or so and takes in plenty of pretty scenery.


   Look at this handsome boy, twelve years old now and very nearly as tall as I am!


A beautiful day meant breakfast was taken al fresco.  Always the best way in my book.


This is the view in front of the cafe, it looks over to the glorious landscape of The Lake District in the distance.


Sunday we drove round to Arnside where George saw this wall...


.. and immediately decided to climb it!


Just like that.


No hesitation and hey presto, there he was at the top!


Once he’d started this caper he couldn’t stop and promptly scaled the wall again.  About this time I told him to quit while he was winning.  There was no way I wanted to take him home to his mother with a leg in plaster! 


As day turned into evening we all strolled down to the campsite bar/restaurant where George played a game or two of pool with Grandad.  I have never, ever been any good at this kind of game so I sat and watched and sipped a drink while the boys played.  And in this fashion the we happily whiled the night away.


The weekend had been a fun one and was over before we knew it but not before I snapped this smashing pic of my biggest Little Treasure.  #timepleasestoppassingbysoquickly

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Anita Johnson said...

This looks like another wonderful place to visit. I'm always glad to get the grandkids back to their parents in one did we ever handle the love of climbing with our kids?

Victoria said...

I love that pic of George. xx

Victoria said...

I love that pic of George. xx