Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A Dip in the Irish Sea

I have been very sloppy over the last few months and just haven’t felt like editing photos and blogging but I seem to be coming out of the doldrums and the need to save our memories for posterity has come over me again and today I’m posting lots (I couldn’t decide which to include and which to leave out so I went with lots) of photos from a day at the seaside earlier this month.   My elder daughter Victoria reached one of those big milestone birthdays and as a birthday treat she and her husband Gary took off for a weekend in Windermere minus the boys.  The boys stayed at our house and on the Saturday Caroline and I took all three boys for a day by the sea.  Happily the weather couldn’t have been better.  It was picnic, ice-cream and good old bucket and spade weather all the way.



Picnic consumed the boys couldn’t wait to play at the splash park on Cleveleys front.   


The mandatory ice-cream.


Next up was the skate park.  Nicholas watched and studied how George went over the top of this steep drop..


.. but he couldn’t quite let himself go over the edge.  He is only eight though.  He’ll do it next time.


Charlie got in on the act too.DSC_5828b

By this time the tide had receded and the boys were able to go down onto the sand.


I think it’s safe to say buckets and spades will never go out of fashion. 


Digging holes until they fill with water just has to be done.


George came up with a game to play on the sand involving circles with scores inside and stones.


Simple but fun and played with serious determination by all to be the winner too!


Then it was back to digging.


And before the day was over a paddle in the Irish Sea.

A fun day.  A day like many before it and hopefully like many more to come.



Nancy said...

Hi, I just found your delightful blog and enjoyed this post with your grandsons by the sea. Aren't grand kids just the best.....

Anonymous said...

This looks like fun and I agree, buckets and shovels are the best! I've been struggling with posting too. I have so many photos to share, but there's so much to do in the summer, I don't feel like being at the computer. Then there comes winter...not as much to photograph, but plenty of time. Hmmm, hard to strike a good balance! Maybe in January I'll share summer photos...the color will be a nice change from the white of winter!

Anita Johnson said...

I'm not sure why I am anonymous.above!