Thursday, 26 March 2015

Sizergh Castle and Lancaster Canal

Last Saturday morning William and I drove up the motorway heading for Bay View and our first weekend stay of the 2015 season in the caravan.  It was a beautiful spring day with clear blue skies but for all that come bedtime in a tin box it we knew it was going to be a wee bit chilly.  Our plan was to leave the heating on overnight and that’s what we did thus avoiding frostbite!  


Having done the necessary jobs of unpacking and hooking the caravan up to water and electricity a walk down by the salt marshes was in order.  It was plain for all to see that Bay View has been having more than its fair share of precipitation.  The path to Archer’s Cafe was impassable.


It didn’t matter to us though as we had decided to take a circular walk back to base…


… via the canal.


There’s some very pretty scenery along the route.


Not a hint of a breeze in the air meant still waters and lots of eye catching reflections to photograph.


By late afternoon we had worked up a thirst.  A short drive away from Bay View is Arnside and that’s where we found a pub to sit outside with a drink and watch the sun go down. 


Sunday a visit to Sizergh Castle was planned.  Sizergh is an impressive property parts of which date back to the14th century and is now in the hands of the National Trust and so our NT Membership came in useful again.


The gardens are a treat to walk though. 


This limestone rockery at the rear of the house is a little gem.  I’m looking forward to going back throughout the year and seeing the changes each season will bring.


Our tour of the castle over brought us nicely to lunchtime.  I had packed a picnic and happily it was a perfect day for picnicking.   Perfect day all round really.


Our last port of call was Sizergh Barn which is just down the lane from the castle.  It was just before milking time and we saw the cows jostling for places at the feeding trough.  Look how nicely they looked at the camera for me!


Especially this young lady.  I do like cows.

Until next time,


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Anita Johnson said...

Kathleen, these pictures are just beautiful. My goodness, you live in s beautiful place.