Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Manchester Police Museum

Well, time has gotten away from me again and here I am a couple of weeks after the event with this post.


During the recent half term holidays Victoria suggested a trip to the Police Museum which is located in Manchester’s historic Northern Quarter.


A place we’ve known about for some time but just never visited.


A gallery line up of unsavoury looking characters in one of the cells.  We spent a little bit of time looking for familiar names and faces.  Happily we didn’t find any.


In the dock and guilty as charged!


Two sweet little faces.  Definitely not guilty!


This police office, dressed in Victorian uniform, retired from the force over forty years ago but is still doing regular volunteer shifts.  I reckon he’s seen a few changes to policing over the years.


Here William is chatting to the retired officer about the Lest We Forget board which lists all those officer killed in the line of duty in the Manchester force.  The first name is dated 1819.  78 names in total but we noticed that there were two missing.  The names of the two young female officers, Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes, horribly murdered in 2012 have not yet been added.


Wooden beds and pillows.  Ouch!


No visit to a police station would be complete without a sit in a police car.


I’m not too familiar with this corner of Manchester but after a glimpse into some of the side streets I think I’d like to go back some time soon for a better look around.  It seems that many streets have been restored to their former glory.. probably a much cleaner semblance of their former glory.  No more factory chimneys belching forth their grime over the city are there?

DSC_5277b   DSC_5288b

I loved the vibrant wall art.


And finally back at the car park Nicholas got to put his new wellies to good use.  Walking through puddles with your wellies on.  Never gets old does it?   Notice the helmet?  He and Charlie both came away with one of those each. 

It has to be said this was one museum visit we all enjoyed.  It was definitely interesting.  If I went again I’d take a guided tour and get the inside information from those in the know.


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Anita Johnson said...

A police museum...who knew? Sounds like a good time was had by all!