Wednesday, 21 January 2015

How January Is Shaping Up So Far.

A little look at what January has been like so far but first a little look at what I’m hoping for in 2015.


I found this wordart on Instagram and it just about sums up what a good life looks like to me.  2015 are you listening?


The long walks have been taking place already.  After suffering with a dodgy ankle from July to December last year and being unable to walk any distance I’m really appreciating getting outdoors and putting my best foot forward.  I’m aiming to take a good walk at least every other day and being right on our doorstep Ealees and the lake are our most oft trodden paths. This picture (above) was taken Monday morning when I enjoyed a walk with Caroline and Harley through a snow covered Ealees.


And here we are on a different walk a couple of weeks ago.


On one foggy, late afternoon, solo walk I spotted this lone oarsman as I reached the lake bank.  I quickly whipped out my iPhone and snapped this pic before he disappeared into the mist.


Ducks, Canada geese, seagulls and swans can all be found at the lake.  None of which are likely to starve to death, there’s always somebody feeding them.  Not me though.  Have you ever seen the mess swans and geese leave behind?  Not a pretty sight I can tell you.


Spied on another day’s walk the sun’s rays showering their light from behind the clouds.  A beautiful sight and always one of life’s simple pleasures for me.


This pretty scene is at the far side of the lake and I always like to feast my eyes on it.


And a view of the lake from a different angle.  Dry stone walls and cobbles.  I bet this little corner of the lake hasn’t changed for aeons.


I was charged with taking seven year old Nicholas to the dentist toward the end of last week.  He had chipped the corner off his right front tooth and it needed fixing. I was a bit nervous about taking him but Nicholas himself was not one bit bothered by it all.  This was the second time he’d had this procedure done so he knew what to expect.  He hopped right up into that chair and didn’t bat an eyelid.  Which was just as well because I don’t think this particular dentist would have stood for any messing. She was fast and efficient and did a good job but not once did she tell Nicholas what a good boy he was being and we had to ask for a smiley sticker at the end of the procedure!


After a walk or maybe halfway through we usually stop for a coffee in the visitor centre.  It’s a good cup of coffee too.


There have been other activities beside walking.  We had a day out shopping at Boundary Mill in Colne.  I wanted William to buy this tweed flat cap but he wasn’t interested.  I like flat caps and I thought this one really suited him.  I’m going to have to work on this.  I think he needs one!


There have been a couple of trips to Costco and a couple of pairs of very good quality, good value jeans for William.


One of my favourite things to do.  Trips to the library.  I have a Kindle these days but I still love to browse real books in the library.  William has taken to reading a lot more these days, what with retirement and time on his hands, so library trips are a regular feature again in my life.  Yippee!


A bit of sewing going on.  I’m working on a table runner which I hope will brighten up the dining room on these dark days of winter.


And finally… My shoelaces have a tendency to work loose when I’m walking.  Here William kindly fastens them for me. I don’t really know why but this is one of the things he’s always done for me. However in the last year or so he has suffered with back problems and I’ve taken pity on him and done it for myself.  I know.  I’m good that way!  It felt like old times. :-)


And then just one more for good measure.   A colourful scene looking across the lake.  The white building is a popular public house and that’s the West Pennine Moors in the distance.

All photos, except the shoelaces one, taken with my iPhone.  I love that little gadget!


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Caroline said...

Looks like a good January so far. Can't ever remember billy fastening my shoe lace!