Thursday, 22 January 2015

Fun in the Snow

Last weekend saw the first snowfall of the winter and there was fun to be had.


George (on the left above) stayed over with us Friday and Saturday night and had a great time with his friends out sledging both Saturday and Sunday.


Its great fun going downhill on the sledge but it can be a pain dragging the sledge back up the hill.  Especially when it’s impossible to stay upright and you end up on all fours like George.


I watched and happily took photos of them for a while and then when..


   .. they set off to find a better slope I sloped off home.  I’m so glad I got my act together on Sunday and tromped through the snow, camera round my neck, to find George and his friends and get these snaps of them.  It was fun and really not as cold as it looked.


Yesterday was another snowy day and it just so happened that William and I had to collect Charlie from school.  Leaving the car safely parked outside the house we set forth on foot.


Charlie had a great time chucking snowballs at both me and granddad on the way home.


The snowballs seemed to get bigger each time he made one.  The little treasure! 

Childhood is all too fleeting a time but these photos and this blog will help ensure that fun times like these in the snow will be remembered again and again in the future when these little boys are grown men.  And that makes me happy.


As the afternoon wore on and Charlie’s daddy came home from work William and I set off back home.


As we made our way carefully down the footpath kids in the fields alongside us were galloping around having a great time.


We haven’t had any snow today and there’s none forecast in the short term.  That’s okay with me.  Everything in moderation is my motto.



Caroline said...

Lovely pics. There's a mischievous glint in Charlie's eye x

Anita Johnson said...

Great pictures and I totally agree with your motto, especially when snow is involved!