Friday, 5 December 2014

Big Cedar Lodge, Missouri.

It’s been a while I know and this post is definitely overdue but here is a further instalment of our April trip to Arkansas, USA where we holidayed with my sweet sister, Maureen and her wonderful husband, Jerry. 

This post brings us to a major highlight of our trip, a weekend stay at Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri.


Several years ago at the end of a visit to Branson, Missouri with Maureen and Jerry, they took us on a detour on the way home to see a wonderful place they had recently learned about and that place was Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri.  I saw the lake and the log cabins dotted around it and was besotted with the whole caboodle.  There and then I said that one of these days we must certainly go back for a visit.

Well, on our USA trip in April this year (with a huge club member helping hand from my nephew and niece-in-law) “one of these days” came to pass.  I can’t tell you how much William and I had both been looking forward to this part of our holiday. 


The old timey registration building with its rocking chairs either side of the doors.  I loved the look of it.


In fact I loved everything about this building.  Its rustic country decor thrilled me no end.


A shady corner.  I’m quite partial to jigsaws and every time we wandered near this table my sister and I couldn’t help but spend a few minutes slotting a couple of pieces in place.  I could easily have spent a couple of hours finishing the jigsaw but there was just too much else to do.


A bright corner.  Imagine cosying up here in the depths of winter, a glass of mulled wine in hand, the fire roaring away and the snow coming down outside.  How super duper would that be?


Still in the registration building there’s an emporium full of all kinds of interesting goodies to browse through.


Checking in complete we found our rooms.  We had a fantastic, spacious adjoining suite between us.  The country rustic feel ran throughout.  We all loved it.


The to-die-for-view from our rooms.  Log cabins, wooded hillside and lake. Wonderful!


Maureen and Jerry are  no strangers to Big Cedar having stayed there several times in the intervening years so were able to show us around the extensive grounds.


There was plenty to discover for us newbies. 


A day spent on one of these party boats would be fun I’m sure.


Lots of water activities to take part in…


.. but the activity we were interested in was this one.  A sunset cruise on beautiful Table Rock lake.


Tickets booked we boarded the shuttle bus and popped back to the suite until it was time to come back and ...DSC_3476b

… board Lady Liberty.


The interior of the boat where nibbles and drinks were served.  Very nice.



William totally enjoying the experience.


Cliff top houses like this  lined the lakeside.  I’d think I’d died and gone to heaven if I lived up there in that beautiful humongous house!


After a great couple of hours all too soon the boat landing came back into view and …


… it was back on that shuttle bus up the hill to our suite.

What a lovely day and evening it had been and there’s plenty more to come.

To be continued…..



Victoria said...

That is stunning. The picture of Dad is so good, I don't think I've ever seen him look happy and relaxed all at the same time! I need to visit Big Cedar Lodge, my boys would love it. xx

Anita Johnson said...

This looks like a very enjoyable place to stay...and a feeling like my husband and I should explore Missouri. just this weekend, I was at my sister's lake home doing a puzzle! very fun!