Sunday, 14 December 2014

Big Cedar Lodge cont’d…

And so we come to part two of our Big Cedar Lodge adventure.

Day two was earmarked for soaking up the beauty of and just enjoying being in “America’s Premier Wilderness Resort”.


After a leisurely start to the day a gentle ramble led us to Devil’s Pool Restaurant.


The atmospheric country feel and decor..


..made for a great place to eat breakfast.  (Let’s pretend William’s eyes are not shut in this picture).


There was some construction work being carried out while we were there and this covered bridge was one of the projects.  Looking down through the sides of the bridge is the scene in the photo below where I’m standing on an older or maybe temporary bridge.


The log cabins on the other side of the lake are all part of Big Cedar.  We had a peek inside one of them many moons ago and they are fantastic.  Being such a lovely day people were canoeing and fishing on the lake.  You can just make out a fishing boat on the water behind  me.


The weather was superb.  Not too hot and not too cold.


Just perfect for wandering around the resort.


Resting by the pool.  Doing nothing but having fun can be very tiring!


This was an unusual sight for William and I to see.  Neither of us have ever seen buzzards in real life.  We’ve only ever seen them in films circling overhead when the main character is at death’s door in the desert.  Happily that wasn’t the case for us.


A drive into the country music town of Branson on day three found us browsing the hunting/fishing/shooting/camping goods in a Bass Pro Store.  (Let’s pretend William’s eyes are not shut in this picture.  Again).


Driving on through Branson now.  We don’t ever see sights like this in Great Britain!


Only in America do we see sights like this! :-)

Day four brought an end to our Big Cedar stay.  We had had a great time and just loved everything about the whole experience but as the saying goes all good things come to an end and soon we were on the road home again but even the drive home was fun too.


A short  detour off the Interstate highway was made so that we could take a peep at Gilbert, the coolest town in Arkansas.  Literally the coolest that is.  The coldest temperatures in Arkansas have been recorded in this little town.


Cool and quaint.  I love these old clapboard houses and buildings.  I love all the old front porches.


How quaint is the rickety old porch on this house?  I like that the Penny Pincher Machine gets a mention on the campground sign.


Colourful canoes for hire.  The Buffalo river was very close by.


Talking about which, here it is.   We made another detour to take a breather, stretch our legs and enjoy the scenery.

DSC_3512b Very pretty scenery it is too.


Friendly canoers gave us a wave as they paddled by.


William hurt his arm - tried too hard with the pebble spinning.


Looking for fish rising on the calm water.


Don’t know why these butterflies were down amongst the pebbles but they were.  For ages too.


More beautiful old barns.


It pleased me no end every time I saw one of these old structures and we saw a lot.


I have one more post to go before our USA 2014 trip is finished and I’ll be back before too long with it.

Until then,



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Anita Johnson said...

What a beautiful place...we need to see more of the US ourselves. I can pass on King Kong, but not on the natural beauty of the state!