Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Wolf House and Gibraltar Farm

The weekend just gone was a Bank Holiday weekend and luckily Caroline was off work and able to bring Charlie up to Bay View.  Unfortunately Trev was working and unable to join us.  So it was the four of us plus two dogs.


An early evening walk down by the salt marshes and Charlie showed off his prowess at star jumping off the rocks.  I love catching these action shots.


The evening light once again was magical.


Evening meal on site.  Muffin looks on ever hopeful that a morsel might come his way.


Monday we drove over to Bay View’s sister site, Holgates at Silverdale.  After lunch Caroline and Charlie had fun on the swings.

Caroline was driving and on the way back from Silverdale she took a wrong turning but we are so glad she did because we discovered the The Wolf House Gallery.  And what a little gem of a find. I had seen signs for art galleries etc. in this neck of the woods on previous trips and knew that we’d check them out one day. I wish we’d checked them out sooner.   It was too late to explore properly but the day after Caroline, Charlie and I went back.


Delightful, pretty, picturesque 17th century farm buildings.


This is the ceramics gallery, full of different interesting bits and pieces with all of the ceramics made on the premises.


There’s a restaurant/cafe and we can vouch for the coffee and cakes! 


They were homemade and very good!


Dog friendly too.  There’s a play area for children so Charlie was also happy.


This gallery is open six days of the week.  Typically closing day was Tuesday which of course was the day we chose to visit.  Never mind, we’ll just have to go back again and take a look!


A cock stride away from The Wolf House brings you to Gibraltar Farm campsite.


What a spot for a campsite!  Practically perfect we thought.


Close to nature.  The smells from the working farm reminded you of that.  In a good way.


Pretty as a picture at every turn.  Not surprising though as this is a designated Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


How cute is this little vintage caravan?  In the 60s my aunty and uncle had a little tourer very much like this one.  I holidayed with them a time or two and my lovely cousin, Sylvia, and I had the best time every time!


That’ll be Grange Over Sands in the distance across the estuary and the Lake District is over there too.  Aren’t those dry stone walls lovely?


Leafy country lanes to wander along.  That’s Charlie and Caroline up there.  You wouldn’t think cars could get through there but they can and they do!


I’d love to see the garden behind this door.


A farm with a sea view.  Gibraltar Farm to be exact.


And to finish off a row of quaint little cottages.

I can see lots more visits to The Wolf House in my future.

Until next time,


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Anita Johnson said...

I'm always amazed at the beautiful places you show us...that has to be one of the best campsites I have ever seen!