Friday, 29 August 2014

Bay View and Bertha

The first week in August William and I drove up to Bay View intending to stay for at least a week and longer if the fancy took us.


We were thankful for the August sunshine and warmth and made the most of being outdoors.  Come evening time as shadows stretch themselves out across the campsite we are able to watch splendid sunsets from our new pitch. 

A sunset to me is definitely one of life’s Simple Pleasures.  Living at the bottom of a hill as we do we only get to see a partial sunset so being able to sit and behold a vast expanse of sky and watch the sunset is one of my favourite things to do at Bay View.  And on a cloudless night to look up and see the stars.  Words just fail me.  I can’t begin to explain the beauty I see in a moonlit starry night sky!


William, no surprise, found some caravan maintenance to keep him occupied.  I found my Kindle…


…and crochet to keep me occupied while I enjoyed the sunshine.


A visit to Beetham Nurseries is a must and always a pleasure.  I don’t think we’ll ever tire of walking round this garden centre.  There is always an array of gorgeous plants, flowers, trees and colour to feast our eyes on.  We love it.


Midweek Victoria, Gary and the boys came up to stay with us for a few days.  Happily the sun continued to shine and they were able to enjoy the camping life and freedom of the campsite to the full.


And when the boys weren’t off somewhere on their scooters their daddy was!


The good weather meant we were able to have a barbecue.  There was a little breeze hence the windbreak.

DSC_4398b Barbecuing is a man thing for sure!


Happy campers.

We celebrated George’s 11th birthday during their visit.  He starts high school next week!  Those winds of change are at it again.  Blowing at gale force speed this time!

At the end of the week it was time for Victoria and her crew to leave for home.  I know they had had a good time and went home full of enthusiasm for the caravanning life.  As they left our good friends, John and Lesley, came up to visit. We had a lovely long afternoon with them visiting Sizergh Castle.  Shame on me, I have no pictures of them to share but in my defence I’d been struggling with a sore ankle and unable to run around with a camera like I would normally. 

And so I come to Bertha.  Bertha, as in Hurricane Bertha.  Her tail end hit the UK and especially our bit of the UK.  The winds were horrendous!  Heaven help those poor unfortunate souls who bore the full brunt of Bertha!  To say I slept very little the night Bertha popped in is an understatement.  We could feel the sides of the caravan being thumped and buffetted by the strength of the wind and the noise!  Awnings, like tents, make an awful racket in windy conditions.  Anyway the morning after there was a hole in the awning and William and I made the decision to take it down before it fell down causing more damage.  Therefore our break at Bay View ended rather sooner than we fancied it would.  Heavy rain and more high winds were forecast so we packed up and came home.  Apart from Bertha’s visit though we’d had a lovely time!


Before we set off for home proper we stopped at Bay View Potting Shed for a light lunch.  This is the view from the cafe.  The field above should not have any water in it.  There’s a narrow road just beyond it and it too was flooded.  You can’t make them out in the picture but there was a group of about four children at the far side of the field having a great time splashing about in the water!  Oh to be young!

Despite the weather it had been a good week and plenty of happy memories were made.

Until next time,


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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Oops! I don't watch the news or read the newspaper so didn't know anything about Bertha. Glad ya'll were able to have good times before she decided to blow in. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy