Sunday, 12 June 2011

Red Herrings and White elephants.

Do you ever wonder where the everyday sayings we use come from?


I do, but I need wonder no more.  All I have to do now is go to my bookshelf and look it up in this book.  It's a little gem and I love it.  I found it in a charity shop on Thursday, it's a hardback copy, in excellent condition and at 99p it was a bargain to boot!  Now I wonder if that's in it -"to boot"?

Thursday was one of those nice easy going days for me.  I needed to get a gold chain repaired and the place to have that done was at Max the Jewellers in Hebden Bridge.  I was hoping he wouldn't be too busy and able to repair it while I looked round the shops and sure enough he had it fixed inside a half hour.  The charge was only £3 and I thought that was a bargain too.


Recently I came across this cute little idea on a crafty blog of how to make personalized fridge magnets from flat glass marbles.  I'm into all things crafty at the minute.  So, I'd been looking for suitable glass marbles to use without success.  Until Thursday that is when I found several in a charity shop in Todmorden on my way back from Hebden.  They were mixed in with a vase load of colourful marbles.  I fished around and found a handful of clear ones, took them to the counter and the nice lady gave them to me for nothing.  Another bargain!

In this same shop I bought a paperback for my daughter, Caroline, Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, for the bargain price of £1.

My good fortune didn't stop there.  In Hebden Bridge after happily wandering in and out of the shops I decided to go for a coffee and who should be sat outside the cafe I was going to but John and Lesley.  Now how was that for good luck?

Yep, Thursday was a nice, unhurried, unplanned, easy going day.  My kind of day.



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