Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My To Do List

I had a couple of things on my To do List today.  A very much needed appointment at the hairdressers was first on the list.  Pick up a prescription at the doctor's surgery, go to the chemist, run over to Costco to exchange a couple of polo shirts for a different size.   You know the ordinary everyday kind of stuff but also on my list was the extra-ordinary "ring Mo and Jerry and see if they have any plans for today".


And if they hadn't any plans I thought I'd suggest taking them for a little stroll down by the canal in Uppermill and that's where these pictures were taken.  We were doing too much talking for me to snap many photos but I did get a couple.  That's my sister and her husband in the photo above. 

We watched a 70 foot narrow boat go through the locks and the "driver" gave us the low down on the whole procedure.   All three of us more or less knew the basics but it's always good to hear an explanation from an expert.  He was quite a comedian too.


A cute little family of ducklings having an afternoon nap caught our attention.  Mother duck kept a beady eye on us.


In  a side street we came across this novel way to display flowers outside your front door.  Those scales would go very nicely in my kitchen, shame they didn't have a for sale sign on them.  

It's been a good day today but my To Do List still has a couple of things on it.  Never mind though, there's always tomorrow.


The last photo has been aged in Adobe Photoshop with Lynn Grieveson's Worn Photo Edges with Retro Texture available at

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Anita Johnson said...

Yep, there is always tomorrow. Glad you didn't pass on this wonderful day.