Sunday, 14 January 2018

Charlie Was Team Captain Today.

Nine year old Charlie is football mad.  He plays footy every day.. at lunchtime at school, trains one evening a week,  plays for a team on a Sunday morning and any other time in between he can fit it in.  

Today Charlie was team captain.  Luckily grandad and I went along to watch the match this morning.   Of course his mum, Caroline, was there too.  The weather was rather cold and rather dull this morning but happily the action on the field was anything but dull!

That's Charlie up there going over for a high five after one of his team mates had scored a goal. 

I'm no good at football commentary but I know it was an exciting match today and I managed to catch a few action shots from the sideline.

I caught a couple of goals going in too.  This is one of Charlie's goals in the making.  That ball is heading right for the back of the net!

This great goal too and they kept on coming!

More action with Charlie right in the middle of it.

Yep, there was lots of exciting stuff happening on the pitch today.  That's Charlie chasing the ball on the left hand side.

It was a great match for Charlie, not only was he Captain, but he scored two goals and the team won 6-1.  

Well done Charlie and well done Tigers!

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