Saturday, 13 August 2016

Who's a Good Boy?

Sadly, England isn’t known for its good weather and this summer our weather has been very mixed.  Mixed as in some good and some not very good at all.  So when the sun does shine the only place to be is outdoors.

Fortunately for us we have some beautiful countryside on our doorstep and mingled in there is a rich history of canals.  A walk along one of them was what we fancied this afternoon.

This stretch is part of the Rochdale Canal and runs from Sowerby Bridge in Yorkshire through into Manchester.  And that's a distance of 33 miles.  I thought it would've been more than that but that's what an information board along the way told me and I believe it.  Construction was completed in 1804.

See the fisherman up there tucked away in the shelter of one of the many old stone bridges?  He was as happy as Larry even though he hadn’t caught a thing all afternoon. This we know because William, having been an angler himself in the past, always has a little chat with the fishermen he comes across. 

The pretty view looking through one of those bridges.

It was a relaxing stopping and starting kind of a walk.  It was for Harley we did most of the stopping.  It didn’t matter. We were in no rush.

There’s plenty to see on a walk like this.  These pretty cottages have been renovated in the recent past and were still being extended and improved today.  A lovely little place to call home don’t you think?

Fluffy white clouds and blue sky reflected in the still-as-a-mill-pond water.

Along any canal you’ll find a mill or two.  This one, Fothergill Engineering, sports a very fetching clock tower.  Bit unusual that I think.

We had wandered quite a way so at this point we turned back towards home.

Dozens of grazing Canada Geese filled this field.

Harley is staying with us this week and next while Caroline and her crew are on holiday in Cornwall.  He was wandering ahead of me sniffing away at things as dogs do when I called him back to me.  I asked him to sit while I took his picture and he did!  I was delighted.  He did it more than once too.  Who’s a good boy? Harley is, that’s who!

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