Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride and Cleveleys

On Sunday my son-in-law, Trev and a few of his friends, cycled from Manchester to Blackpool!  At around 60 miles that’s one heck of a bike ride!  It was all for a good cause though being a fundraiser for The Christie Hospital in Manchester.  Approximately 8,000 riders took part!


Along with my daughter, Victoria and her family, Charlie and I were there to cheer as Trev and his friends crossed the Finish Line.


Trev (in blue) and his friends cross the line.


As soon as Trev crossed the line we made our way round to the refreshments field where..


.. Charlie proudly greeted his daddy.  George and Nicholas looked on.


And one for the album.  After this greeting as we walked back to the car, Charlie holding my hand told me, “I love my daddy”.  He really could not have been happier at that moment had his daddy just crossed the finish line of the Tour de France!

Leaving Trev in Blackpool the rest of us carried on into Cleveleys. It was later by this time than we had anticipated and we all were more than ready to tuck into the picnic we had brought. 


Gary, looked like The Pied Piper, as he led his tribe of boys..


..to the perfect spot for some digging. 

It was an extremely windy and therefore cool day at the beach on Sunday and because of that the boys missed out on playing in the sea.  We had gone hoping for a hot sunny day intending to spend the afternoon on the beach but unfortunately it was far too cold for that.  However, school holidays are imminent so there’ll be plenty of opportunity for fun in the water over the next seven weeks. 

Roll on summer!