Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Life is Full of Little Things…

… and here are the little things in my life from the last few weeks.


Something new.  I don’t think I’ve seen them arm wrestling before.  This was Nicholas’s idea.


Another day another garden centre.  Since he retired William has become a gardening fanatic.  I suppose that’s what retirement is all about.  All those activities that were once crammed into a weekend can now be indulged all day long if the mood takes him.  A visit to the local library? Another coffee and cake?  Yes, why ever not!


Last Friday was Charlie’s school sports day.  For the first time since he started school this event was held outdoors.  Rain stopped play the two previous years and the races took place in the school hall.  Not ideal but this year it was good weather all the way.  The egg and spoon race, the sack race.  Nothing much changes in primary school sports days does it?  I like it that way though.  I attended with Caroline who was still suffering the effects of a painful grumbling appendix.  How she stood for 90 minutes or so I do not know!   


One of George’s favourite jobs is deadheading this magnolia bush in our front garden.


He’s been deadheading this tree since he was only half the size he is now.


All three boys stayed overnight with us on Saturday night.  Their parents all had a rare night out and went for a meal together which was very nice for them.  However, on my menu was a stroll round the neighbourhood with the boys.


Friendly (most of the time) fighting broke out every so often.


The peaceful street became a war zone.  The boys became a Bomb Disposal Unit.  George was the officer in command and the other two had to follow orders whether they liked it or not!  -  The enemy is everywhere guys.  Stealth is the name of the game!  -  That’s what the leader said but I don’t think his men heard him.  As I recall the men had a very hard time with that order!


George tells his men what their strengths and weaknesses are.  Serious business.


Hunkered down discussing tactics.


I admired pretty gardens and took pictures.  I took this photo with my sister, Maureen, in mind.  Like me, she too loves poppies and lupins.


Charging back to base now.


Where it was bathtime, storytime and bedtime.  (Nicholas got his pjs wet through at bath time so he slept in one of grandad’s old t-shirts).


Almost up to date now.  Yesterday the weather was too good to stay indoors so William and I took a little trip over to Uppermill.  There we ambled along the canal towpath to the Lime Kiln Cafe.  They have a veranda overlooking the canal and it was very pleasant to while the time away there.  Until it rained that was!

Then we retraced our footsteps back along the canal towpath stopping to watch the ducks with their babies.


Leaving the canal behind we meandered through the little side streets lined with old stone fronted cottages.  One of the residents has a whimsical side to her I think.  These are her plants outside her front door.


  And on the windowsill.   Unusual containers for plants don’t you think?  They brought a smile to my face.

So, there we are.  It’s true.  Life is full of little things and I for one am not complaining.

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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Looks like all good stuff to me. Glad sports day was able to take place outdoors this year. Love the unusual little planters. I like quirky when it comes to displaying plants. That mama duck seemed to be giving her babies orders to stay close and not run off on their own. ha! Have a great day. Tammy

Anita Johnson said...

You live in such a beautiful place. I miss being able to walk "around the block" like that...memories of childhood!

Caroline said...

Lovely pics as usual. Xx