Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Easter Weekend at Bay View

Easter Saturday William, Caroline, Charlie and I made our way up the motorway to Bay View for our first overnight stay of the season.


It felt good to be there again.  The grass was lush and green, the sheep were in the fields…


..and on the salt marshes and the sky was blue.  In fact lovely spring weather!


Yep, it felt good to be enjoying the simple pleasure of being outdoors in the fresh air.


As always, camera at the ready, I snapped a picture or two. Okay, this one would’ve been a better picture had Charlie been looking up but never mind, eh?


The weather was good enough that we were able to sit outside and take in our new position on the site.  We have moved down onto the bottom field where we will see more of what’s going on, have more space around us, see the sunsets and more of the big open skies. In particular more space for Charlie to play and the opportunity to find other children to play with.  Now all we need is a brilliant summer to make the most of it!


Sunday morning Caroline, Charlie and I walked down to Archer’s Cafe for breakfast.  We left William in peace at the van doing a few things that needed his attention.


Charlie played on Caroline’s mobile while we waited for breakfast.


Not a bad way to start the day I don’t think!


In fact I don’t think it was a bad start to the season and all I can say now is “roll on summer!”



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straythreads said...

Beautiful pictures! looks like spring there I'm jealous but we need the rain here. Your little guy looks like he is thinking very hard.