Tuesday, 18 March 2014

One Way or Another it’s Been a Busy Month.

For one thing I’ve been shopping more times this month than is really good for a person.  Now, I don’t mind shopping, and I certainly don’t mind shopping in Manchester but, I prefer it when it’s for fun and not when I really want to find a particular item.  That way lies disappointment and nothing but aggro.


And what’s more, my other half has been to Manchester shopping with me at least three times!  You see, we’re going on holiday soon and we needed stuff to put in our suitcases.  Happily last Sunday saw the last shopping expedition, thank goodness.


To be honest, it wasn’t all aggro, we enjoyed several coffee breaks in between the frantic trying on of clothes in Marks and Spencer changing rooms and chatted about our upcoming trip to Arkansas, USA.  On one trip we spent time sitting outside Starbucks in St. Ann’s Square listening to a really good street musician and watching the crowds go by.  That’s the fun part of a shopping trip for me.


I took this pic in a coffee shop.  I wish this trend for wearing trousers with the seat of the pants practically round the knees would go away.  In fact I wish it had never been invented.  All I want to do is tell every male I see wearing his pants like this to pull the things up!

Moving on… Bay View opened for the summer season on 1st March and despite the gloomy weather William, Caroline, Trev, Charlie and I zoomed up the motorway to prepare the van for habitation.


Well, to be more accurate William and Trev fiddled about with the van…


…while Caroline and I took Charlie and the dog for a walk on the front.  The tide was very high so we couldn’t walk very far but it was just lovely to be beside the sea.  We’re all looking forward to the summer ahead.  We have had the van moved to a different pitch and we know it will make a big difference for the better to the fun we’ll have this year.


  • Above top left, Nicholas enjoys his pancakes after a sleepover with us. 
  • Next pic was  on a Wednesday after school visit.  I had been in the kitchen for some time while the boys watched television.  I walked into the living room and there’s Nicholas, very relaxed sitting in my office chair!  Of course, that chair does not belong in the living room, Nicholas had dragged it in from my “office”.  Bless him. It made me smile.
  • Charlie and George in their jammies before bed.  Charlie was sleeping over with us because both his parents were at work and George rang me and asked if he could sleep here too. Bless them.
  • A sweet Instagram picture of Charlie.


I was given a little gift a week or so ago.  Charlie decoupaged this plant pot at a local craft studio with his mum one afternoon.  Caroline sort of presumed he was making it for her but he told her he was giving it to his nanny.  What a little sweetie pie!  I think I’ll find a geranium for it when we come back from holiday. 


I haven’t been too busy to read though.  I finished reading this book a few days ago and I would say it’s now down as one of my favourite reads of all time.  It’s the first Fannie Flagg book I have ever read but I know it won’t be the last.


And finally a blue sky picture.  We’ve had quite a few of these this month, although not so much this last week.  It was taken down Ealees on a walk with Caroline.  I love walking with my girls.  We talk a lot on our walks and I like that.

I’ll be back very soon with pictures from a family day out in Cleveleys last Sunday.

Until then,



Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

A busy and lovely month. I'm not much for shopping either. Have to be in the mood for it. My oldest son wears his pants hanging down. Can't get him to stop. I saw the movie Fried Green Tomatoes and loved it; haven't read the book. So, you are going to AK. Have a fabulous trip! Tammy

Anita Johnson said...

I just had to comment on the comment you left on my blog. My little dog Bugsy doesn't like to go out nearly as much as our other dog, Buster,did. In fact the other day I took a short walk to our mailbox and said to the neighbor I met there, "I am only walking out here in the cold to get the dog out". That's when she asked me, "Where is he?" I turned around and saw him sitting on the porch. He never followed me! Dogs! (o: