Sunday, 9 December 2012

I didn’t think …

…I had anything to report but when I started to look back over the last few weeks of my photos I decided I’d got plenty to make a post out of.  I didn’t know whether to start with the newest or the oldest happenings but have gone with the newest first.


Sunday last was a lovely winter’s day.  William and I wanted to go somewhere but somewhere not too far away.  I suggested Towneley Park.  We could look at all the Christmas decorations and plants etc. in the garden centre and then have a walk through the park for that all important exercise and breath of fresh air. 


I was disappointed with the Christmas decorations in the garden centre.  They seemed to have been thrown together rather than artistically displayed which is what I like to see. 


Anyway, no matter, we still had that brisk walk in the very fresh air and a light lunch in the cafe.  Usually we would’ve sat outside the cafe but it was very cold and those chairs are made of metal.  A bit too cold for our derrieres.  I noticed the hardy folks who were seated outside had come prepared and had brought small sheepskin mats to sit on.


Saturday night we drove over the icy tops of Blackstone Edge into the small  village of Mytholmroyd to see their Lighted Lantern Parade.  It was a happy, vibrant parade led by a New Orleans type band.  The leader with his umbrella trimmed with lots of lights.  All the lanterns had been made by the locals in schools and other workshop locations throughout the borough.  It was good and I’m glad we made the effort to go and see it on a freezing cold night.


George slept over on the Friday night and I taught him how to play Rummikub.  He soon cottoned on and loved the game.  So much so that he wanted to play again as soon as he rose from slumber the morning after.


That is, as soon as we had made and eaten our pancakes .


Like I’ve said before these little boys only ever want pancakes for breakfast at my house.


It wasn’t too long before Victoria came to collect him.  Nicholas came with her and he and George both made themselves useful by mopping the kitchen floor for me.  Apparently it’s necessary to strip off nearly all one’s clothes in order to mop a kitchen floor.  I didn’t know that, did you?


Another walk around Watergrove Res with my girls and our dogs on a nippy November blue sky day.  Looking down the hill to the road where we started the route.


..and looking up.  We live in a hilly part of the country but that doesn’t matter so much when it’s blue skies all the way!


I have even made time for a bit of scrapbooking recently.  This page remembers a crisp autumn afternoon in Towneley Park with Victoria and the boys.  The top left photo shows five year old Nicholas skipping.  Not all little boys can skip can they?   You should see this little boy.  He can skip!


Recently I found a wool shop that was a little off the beaten track.  How would you like this scenery for a backdrop when you looked out of your office window?  I know it would please me no end and for a lucky few in Mytholmroyd, (that’s where the wool shop is), this is what they’ve got.  Looking at it now the scene is very autumnal.  Not anymore it ain’t.  I drove over this route Friday morning and these hills had snow on them.


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Anita Johnson said...

Each blog I visit shows me the beauty of another part of the world, yours included. I would have loved to have seen that parade or walked with you and the girls to that beautiful green park. Wouldn't that be fun? I love the boys in their underwear mopping the! and we like Rummikub here too! Merry Christmas in case we don't connect before!