Saturday, 6 August 2011

A Good Day.

Yesterday was a good day.  I had a lovely day mooching round the shops in The Trafford Centre with my lovely cousin, Sylvia.  We hadn't seen each other for about four weeks so we had plenty to chat about.

We started the day off on the right note with elevenses at the new Starbucks behind the Trafford Centre.   That is, when Sylvia finally got there.  Poor girl drove around the area for 20 minutes before locating the car park.  The Starbucks building is visible from the road but Sylvia couldn't find her way into the car park.  In Syl's defence it is confusing - the car park is approached via the Drive Thru entrance but nowhere does it say that the car park is in the same direction!


The above Cath Kidston sales point is inside Selfridges.  Lovely stuff.  We did plenty of picking up, admiring and putting back down again in this department.

We did lots of browsing in and out of a handful of stores and by 2.30ish we both felt the need to take the weight off our feet and have some lunch.  Pret A Manger inside Selfridges fitted the bill.  Then of course there was still lots more browsing to do.


Here's Sylvia in John Lewis.  We had both bought birthday cards for members of each other's families and needed to write them out.  I spied this rather nice garden table and chairs set, it was just what we needed.  We made ourselves at home and wrote the cards out!  Cheeky, eh?  I'm glad we didn't leave any ink marks or anything, the table alone was priced at £695!


Sylvia and I'd had a great time together - shopping, nattering, laughing, coffee shopping and lunching and had just about decided it was time to go home when we both spotted Gareth.  He was being filmed by the BBC.   Gareth Malone is a choirmaster of note.  He has presented several television programmes, in some of which he has used his expertise and charm to turn groups of kids and adults who maybe didn't even know they could really sing into competent choirs.  Sylvia and I have both seen his documentaries and like him a lot.

Seeing Gareth Malone was a high note (pun intended) to end the day on and what a good day it had been!


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