Friday, 13 November 2009

I Cannot Look at This Picture..

.. without laughing. Look closely, Nicholas is wearing glasses! Thankfully they're mine, not his. Doesn't he look, now what's the word I'm searching for, studious? They transform him completely from an impish, never sits still little monkey to a serious, "butter wouldn't melt" little lamb! 

Now, Charlie likes baby dolls and I knew his mother was tempted to get him one for Christmas. Today when I was in my local supermarket a lady was there with a stall full of dolls.  I really wished I had my camera with me, nearly every one of them was wearing hand-knitted clothes, dresses, cardigans, bonnets etc. which she herself had knitted and the money she made was all going to Cancer Research. So, for £3 Charlie got a baby doll and he loves it.  I'm not too sure his daddy feels the same way but he'll get over it.

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